Dave HarastiDAVE HARASTI “I’ve been using Photoshop ever since I took up underwater photography 7 years ago. I’d managed to teach myself some Photoshop basics and over the years I’ve picked up a couple of useful tips and shortcuts here and there from other photographers. But then I came across Doug Sloss and my Photoshop world changed! Using Doug’s tutorials I’ve learnt many new techniques such as masking, using layers, colour enhancement, layer sharpening , dodge and burning and most importantly, how to get the most out of the RAW files. For anyone into underwater photography and Photoshop, this DVD is a must have as it make your editing life so much easier and your pictures should soon be packing more punch!”
Dave Harasti, Marine Scientist, Australia www.daveharasti.comwww.speciesspotlight.com
DEREK EMMETT “Doug and Lorenza Sloss have compiled the finest single point Photoshop tutorials I’ve seen to date. Anyone that is serious about improving their Photoshop skills has gone through a book or three of Scott Kelby, and also 1000 pages to get what you need!  Not anymore, as Doug has a great intuitive approach and teaching style that is practical, useful, and targets all the tools we need to improve our shots as photographers. The entire Photoshop experience is covered; from the environment setup, useful RAW tool processing, to great retouching and creative topics, and finally automation.  My productivity has gone up 500%, and when I look at one of my shots I know what to do now. I absolutely love this gem and I take it on all my trips.  If you forget a tool a quick refresher is just a few minutes away.  No more heavy books, just a simple DVD that will address and help you remember anything you need to do, in just a few minutes.  Any time you are processing topside or underwater shots, these lessons will improve everything you hope to get out of your photos. The CS4 For The Underwater Photographer is by far the best money I’ve ever spent!”
Derek Emmett – Livermore, Ca
Mark ThorpeMARK THORPE“Underwater Photoshop Cs4 is a must for all serious marine photographers. Whether professional or amateur this product affords you the direction to make your images stand out from the crowd”.
Mark Thorpe, Underwater Cameraman & Social Network Creator, www.idivesharks.com
JASON HENTHORNE “Doug….I realize you don’t want to toot your own horn. So…i will do it for you. For all you underwater photographers out there…..Doug’s video training for CS4 is AWESOME!! The layout is easy to follow, the content is thorough whether you are novice or advanced user. Honestly….best $$$ I have spent in quite awhile.

Thanks Doug!
Jason Henthorne, Fine Art Fotography, www.jasonhenthorne.com
DEBI and DAVID HENSHAW “Photoshop is the perfect tool for post editing photographs – but where do you start, finding your way around this complex application is daunting for most and so we decided to purchase Cs4 for The Underwater Photographer to help us out.
This intuitive step by step guide allows you to decide where you want to start – got a problem with dirty backgrounds? – then follow Doug’s easy to follow tips on what and how to use Photoshop to solve the problem, it’s all here and much more. Best of all is that you can work through the video techniques on your own images, pause the video and simply watch them come to life. Stop and start, edit and practice, it is really that easy. Firstly we set up selected Photoshop preferences that Doug suggests to be more suitable for working on photographs and then selected one of the seven available subjects all of which are sub divided into over 60 specific topics.
This DVD is very comprehensive and our investment was so very worthwhile. It has meant that we have improved our overall knowledge in camera technique and post production that will stay with us and can be revisited at anytime by simply inserting the disc.
David and Debi Henshaw, www.digitaldiving.co.uk
Stephen Wong & Takako UnoSTEPHEN WONG & TAKAKO UNO
“During a photo shootout in June 2009, Doug presented a few chapters of his new Photoshop techniques DVD for underwater and topside images. We were both in awe of the simplicity and friendly-to-use approaches, and of course, the results on the worked-on images are astoundingly beautiful. To photographers, Doug has brought another dimension of Photoshop’s powers which are easily applicable by his tutorials. We really appreciated Doug’s techniques and now look forward to learn more from his new DVD”.  Stephen Wong & Takako Uno, Marine Wildlife Photojournalists.
Mike Veitch MIKE VEITCH “I always keep the Underwater Photoshop DVD close at hand as I’m always finding new tips and tricks in them that make my workflow so much faster. I recommend it to all my photography students who really want to learn to master Photoshop” Mike Veitch, Nad Lembeh Resort, Sulawesi www.oceanstockimages.comwww.nad-lembeh.com
Onno & Carine Lenting ONNO & CARINE LENTING
The Doug Sloss seminar we attended was by far and large the most interesting in years. Doug understands what underwater photographers want and he is able to give clear and concise explanations. He has the gift of making Photoshop ‘easy’. Intrigued by the results and the ease we continued to learn through both his DVDs: wicked tips and tricks presented in clear easy to follow video tutorials.
Onno & Carine Lenting, Scuba Dive Asia – The Dive Travel Experts. www.scubadiveasia.com
Tim Moran TIM MORAN …I frankly don’t ‘do’ manuals… I got the ‘ heads up’ on Doug and Lorenza’s new CS4 for Underwater Photographers from www.wetpixel.com and immediately took a look at the example lessons on their web site. Clearly, Doug knows his subject and having made the purchase his easy style took me through 10 hours of detailed but easy to understand tutorials. Aside from ‘opening the door’ for me to many of CS4’s relevant and improved features I was also pleased to see that Doug confirmed some of the techniques I had been using. Doug has simplified my workflow too and I’m now able to process better, quicker and more intuitively. Thanks Doug! You have my unreserved endorsement of a great tutorial DVD.
Tim Moran